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Cigarettes are known for harmful toxic chemicals. Smokers have only two choices to fight these poisons: quite smoking or use cigarette filters. However, customers do not know much about cigarette filters on the current market.

Actually cigarette smokers have THREE choices today: Quit smoking; use cigarette filter; or buy an electronic cigarette. Our cigarette filter is designed to people who don’t want to use an electronic cigarette. Greenball cigarette filter is specially manufactured to help customer who want to continue to smoke real cigarettes rather than switch to e-sigs. And of course, one of our benefits is to help smoker quit smoking!

We present: GreenBall cigarette filters absorbs most of the nicotine and tar toxins from cigarettes, Patents and Documents: tested by R.T.I. BIOlAB, U.N. C. BioLab, China Tobacco Quality and Quantity Test Center, and HerNan Tobacco Test Center spectrographic analysis, quality analysis, ingredient analysis, and clinical experiments. GreenBall cigarette filter is patented in the US, Taiwan and China.

Health benefits:

Greenball cigarette filters contain a raw material formed by thousands of nano crystal balls called "Micro-Lite". These nano crystals can absorb molecular toxic chemicals through tiny gaps like a honeycomb. Our filter has a larger surface area to absorb more toxins than other activated carbon filter. Our filters have a stronger absorption capability. And also, Greenball filters absorb Tar from marijuana cigarette effectively; and prevents intake of harmful and toxic chemicals.

Big box contains twelve packages price $24.- Small box contains five filters price $2.- .EACH FILTER CAN BE REUSED FIVE TIMES